Face Shields

Face Shields

These reusable shields serve as great protection for the doctor’s entire face, and especially their eyes. They also do a great job of extending the life of surgical and other types of face masks, which are in very short supply. These face shields utilize a transparent film with a 3D printed frame. Non 3D printed alternatives (lasercut, hand-made) are also acceptable if entirely functional.

Note: Finished, fully assembled shields are expected. Assembly instructions are included in the 3D file links.

Recommended 3D Files:

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Recommended Print Settings

Layer height: 0.25 mm

Infill: 5%

Material: Any

Supports: No

Additional Required Hardware

Each design will necessitate buying materials such as clear sheets, elastic, etc. Specifics for each design can be found in the download links.

Suggested Sellers Of Materials (Not all materials may be necessary):